My Visit to Tazza D’Oro


Tazza D’Oro is located in in the nice (and quiet) residential community of Highland Park. The first thing I noticed upon arriving to the area was that parking was really simple and free!


-The shop was clean and cozy. There was a lot of wood inside-on the windows, the ceiling, and the chairs. It was a nice and calm setting, as my fellow customers were mostly focused on their work


-I got the Ethiopia Haru. It was bright and tart yet had some sweetness. 

-Coffee is prepared in a variety of ways at Tazza D’Oro. They can use one of their numerous presses or serve machine-brewed coffee.


-This was truly the highlight of my visit. I was served by Allen, who was very nice, helpful, and informative. We spoke about the various ways they brew coffee and some store features. It was apparent that he was very interested in coffee-brewing/drinking and wanted to provide a great service. He genuinely cared about the work he was doing and it certainly made an impression on me. Across industries, this type of service changes the experience dramatically.


Allen is 3rd from the left


-Allen mentioned that they had recently started a weekly “Cupping” in their store. In the “Cupping,” they offer the group (of customers) the ability to experience and discuss the way (the chosen) coffee tastes through the different brewing methods.  

-You can check them out on Twitter @tazzadoro or on their site

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