UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. – A Book Review

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging  by Scott Stratten

“Twitter isn’t social media if you use it to just send out ads and blog post updates (Pg. 27).”

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Scott Stratten’s book on marketing. The book was focused on two major (marketing) components: tips for using specific social mediums effectively and techniques for superb customer service/engagement (i.e. “unmarketing”).
  • Scott focuses a lot on the concept that a business’ goal should be to engage and business will result. He illustrates this idea with customer service examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • The main idea I walked away with, is an invaluable one:Every function/action of your business needs to be cognizant of it’s impact on consumers. Everything from the layout of your website to the behavior of the cashiers, must be centered around the customer experience. -“Marketing is not one department of your business; it is every point of engagement (Pg. 24).”
  • The book has opened my eyes to the brand interactions I have on a semi-consistent basis and enabled me to properly understand them. And let me tell you, once your eyes are opened, you will be truly appalled at the behavior of some companies and how they treat their consumer base. I noticed that on a company’s pricing page, the “free” plan was referred to as (and titled) the “Cheapskate” plan. I literally could not believe that a company would insult a segment of its users (who I’m assuming they wanted to retain).
  • Lastly, Unmarketing was fun and easy to read. Scott is also very active and reachable on Twitter. It is always really cool when you can directly interact with the author and certainly adds to the quality of the book. Go engage with Scott @unmarketing 😉
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