My Journey to Web Development Land Part II


Okay, so I wasnt totally sure what I wanted to do within the tech industry. Startups require a lot of grit, determination, and often bootstrapping. Everyone is overworked and constantly juggling a multitude of tasks at once. The inability to perform numerous types of tasks is a significant one. On the business side, “Business Development” can refer (depending on the place) to marketing and/or sales in addition to BD (glorified sales via partnerships) itself. Essentially the business people are the ones dealing with the customers (in every which way), while the tech people are dealing with the technology.  So if you are going to go the startup route, you’ll probably need to be comfortable with all of these areas of business.

On a personal level, I was also drawn to each of those functions (independently). They interested me and I thought it would be a good fit. I leaned more towards marketing, because it is more focused on branding and the creation of a company image. I was (and am still) fascinated with the different ways a company can brand itself both INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY. Interestingly, this kind of connected back with my favorite topic of organizational culture. I think I would only enjoy and be willing to do sales and BD  if I was passionate about the product/service.

I knew what I wanted to do (somewhat) but where would I do it…?

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