My Journey to Web Development Land Part III


It didn’t take me long to realize that the business people in tech companies (and startups) are both the minority and valued less. The technology used within a given tech-company is by far the most important component.  I didn’t really like the idea of being on the outside looking in. Additionally, I had always craved possessing the tools to implement an idea of my own or of another. I decided that I wanted to gain the tech skills necessary to become a developer or to help me break into the industry in a business role. It was a very scary decision to make, but I felt like it was essential in order to really break into the industry.

I don’t exactly remember how, but I think these thoughts coincided with my discovery of the concept of a “Coding Bootcamp.” It blew me away that programs across the country were enabling non-technical people to legitimately learn coding and get jobs in the industry as well. These programs were filled with tremendous energy and made me realize that this was my path. I began researching the different programs across the country (and Canada). I applied to a fair bunch of them and didn’t really expect to get into any. Thankfully, I got into a few and was thrilled to choose Makersquare in Austin as the program I’d be enrolling in. I had heard amazing things about the city and it’s tech industry. I couldn’t wait to get excited and couldn’t believe I would actually be going to Austin to become a web developer! Had no idea how it would all play out, but was excited nonetheless.

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