The Case for No Case

iphone51“It’s like wearing a helmet while biking. Sure, it’s safe — but it just doesn’t look as good,” –Ryan Matzner

My first smartphone, the Palm Pre, was not a popular one and unheard of by most. While it had a lot of great features and exposed me to the world of smartphones, I was beyond excited to upgrade to the next tier (the big league) of smartphones-Android or iPhone.

It was a difficult choice, but ultimately I chose the iPhone. My excitement was two-fold: 1) I was getting an amazing phone 2) I was joining the Apple/iPhone cult (and it’s culture). It was a big moment-perhaps life changing (okay-maybe not that much, but close). The day finally arrived and it was everything I had imagined it would be. Hours later, the iPhone had been nearly dropped a handful of times. It was too slick and too slim-I could barely hold on to it.

After this traumatic event, I immediately bought an ugly and semi-bulky case (nearly doubling it in size). I now felt that the iPhone’s future would be secure. I went through numerous cases over the last year and a half-all types of sizes and styles. It was a great ride. However, not only was my phone beginning to wear me down (due to its bulkiness), it had been reduced solely to its functionality.

One day, for no particular reason, I pulled it out of the case and literally couldn’t believe how small, sleek, and gorgeous it was. I began using it without the case and found it to be an entirely new and amazing experience. It felt like I had just gotten a brand new phone (suddenly I could cope with another 8 months till my next upgrade). It was now a joy to carry, look at, and hold. The contrast truly blew my mind! I am still “case-less” and loving every minute of it.

This experience made me realize that some products are bought for functionality and some for design/aesthetic appeal (and in some awesome cases-both). Admittedly, I hadn’t appreciated the iPhone’s (or Apple’s focus on) gorgeous design and build. Thankfully, it hit me and I will never again devalue or ignore a product’s design and user experience (at least not one from Apple :))

If you missed the last post, no worries! Check it out here, its about my “Journey to Web Development Land.”

(This post was inspired by my personal experience and this Mashable article: )

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